1) Any items ordered from a category other than "Stock Models, Lightbars, Parts" and "In Stock Models (Under Finished Police Models)" are subject to the following terms:

     a) You cannot return or cancel any customized items that you ordered. If an item is malfunctional upon receipt, we will repair it for you at no cost. You must notify us within 24 hours of receipt that the product is malfunctional.
     b) We are not responsible for any errors you made while placing your order (such as choosing the incorrect options or color scheme) and once the product is built, it cannot be changed.
     c) Depending on the contents of your order, our current order back log, and the current build schedule, your order can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months or more to be built and shipped. In general, BASIC type lightbars and random flashing lighting kits will ship the fastest and within 1-2 weeks. If you order contains other non-basic type lightbars or products, your order will take longer to ship.

) By submitting your order, you are agreeing that you understand the above terms and accept them. Should any dispute arise regarding an order cancellation or return due to anything outline above, your agreement to these terms will be presented as evidence in said dispute.

In addition to the Terms above, the following information will assist you with ordering from our website and ensuring a smooth transaction from start to finish.


   1) Add the items to your shopping cart. You can click on "Estimate Shipping" at anytime to see the available shipping options and costs for the current weight of your order.
   2) Click on the "PayPal Checkout" button on the summary page that shows the items in your shopping cart.
   3) Log into PayPal if you have an account already OR enter your credit card information to use any valid credit card. Your payment will be handled securely via PayPal (we will not see your credit card information).
   4) Continue to the next screen, which will allow you to select or enter your shipping address.
   5) When you continue to the next screen, you will be back on this website and be able to select your shipping method and review your order. Please check your order for accuracy, we are not responsible for any errors you make when ordering custom products.
   6) If your order is displayed correctly, click on the red "Place Order" button at the bottom of the page. You should then see an order confirmation screen and receive a receipt emailed to you.


   We currently only accept PayPal and credit cards processed through PayPal as payment methods for orders placed through our website. We do not start work on orders until the order is paid in full.


   All of the products on our website are fully tested prior to being shipped to you to ensure quality and complete functionality. We offer a limited warranty on our Ready to Install Lightbars and Accessories as well as In Stock, Pre-Designed, and Custom Designed models. It is possible for products to be damaged during shipment due to rough handling by the USPS. When you receive your order, you must test all products within 24 hours and notify us if there are any problems.

   In order for your product(s) to qualify for the limited warranty, you must email us within 24 hours of receiving the product (according to the date and time stamps of the USPS tracking and the email we receive from you) advising that you have tested the product and it is working properly. Your product(s) will then warrantied against defects for 30 days following the date of delivery. If within those 30 days your product stops working, please contact us for further warranty details. The following circumstances will void your limited warranty: 1) cutting any wires or tampering with the product in any way, 2) using the wrong voltage with your product, 3) rough handling of the product that causes the damage/malfunction, or 4) any modifications to the product. The following products are EXCLUDED from the limited warranty: 1) 4-Tone Police Siren, 2) Fire Engine Siren, and 3) Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Siren.

   If your item malfunctions within the warranty period stated above, or your product arrived to you malfunctioning or damaged, please EMAIL US immediately for further instructions on how to return the item for repair or replacement. Do not send the product back without first obtaining authorization from us. Failure to notify us within 24 hours of receipt of your product that it is not functioning properly will void any warranty or replacement.

   We do not offer a warranty of any kind for repair or replacement of parts, kits, or any do it yourself items.  


   If your order contains any non-stock products (i.e. products that we have to build), the time from when you place your order until when the order ships can vary widely. We are not able to provide you with a precise date of when you order will ship due to the following variables: 1) the number of items in your order, 2) the complexity of the items in your order, 3) the number of orders ahead of yours, and 4) our current build schedule.

   Listed below is a GENERAL timeframe to give you an idea of how long your order will take to process and ship. Please use this as a guide to help you decide what items to order and roughly when you will receive them. Also, please note, the shipping method you select at checkout has nothing to do with WHEN your order will ship, it only affects how long it will take to reach you once it is shipped.

   BASIC-type lightbars and Pre-Wired LED Kits (non-multipatterned): Under 2 weeks.

   Multi-Function Type Lightbars, Multi-Patterned Type Lightbars, and Multi-Patterned LED Kits: 2-6 weeks*.

   * Any lightbar with the MFCC pre-fix for the Product ID: 4-8 weeks.

   Custom Models: 1-4 months.

   Non-In Stock Decals: 3-6 months.


   If you placed an order for IN STOCK products, you may cancel the order any time prior to shipment. Once the order ships, we do not allow order cancellations. In Stock products include: In Stock Decals, In Stock Models, Non-Working Models, Non-Working Lightbars, Model Parts, LEDs, Wire, and Kits.

   If you placed an order for a Custom Designed Model or Print to Order Decals, we do not allow order cancellations.

   If you placed an order for a default version of a Ready to Install Lightbar or Accessory, you may cancel the order any time prior to shipment. If your order is for a customized version of a Ready to Install Lightbar or Accessory, we do not allow cancellations. 

   Once you receive your order, we will accept returns on IN STOCK products and default Ready to Install Lightbars and Accessories within 30 days of receipt. Please email us to arrange for the return. If your return is authorized, it may be subject to a 15% return fee. We also do not refund the original shipping paid for the order or the return shipping costs. Any products returned must be in original condition and fully functional. Any damage to the product will void the return you will be responsible for the shipping costs to send the product(s) back to you.

   We do not accept returns on any products that were customized by you when you ordered it (which means changing any of the pre-selected options or colors on the item's order page) and we do not accept returns for any decals.


   Please check your order prior to submitting it, including verifying that the notes (if any were required) that you entered for a product were clear and accurate and that all options you selected for a product are correct. Once we build the product, there are no returns because you made a mistake when ordering. If you did not enter any customizing information when you placed your order, you will receive the default configuration of that product.