If this is your first time visiting this site or you're new to this hobby as a builder or collector, this page is your starting point to understand how our products work and how to find and order exactly what you're looking for.


If you are looking to buy a completed police model for yourself or for another, click on the FINISHED POLICE MODELS category on the right to view all of the models are currently have in inventory ready for shipment. If you are looking to create a custom designed police model, click on the CUSTOM POLICE MODELS category to view options for designing a one-of-a-kind model.

We offer two different scales (depending on inventory availability), which are 1/24 and 1/18. 1/24 scale models are approximately 8" in length and 1/18 scale models are larger at approximately 12" in length.


If you are more of the hands on type and would like to do your own installation into a "non-working" stock model you already have, we have many options for you depending on your level of experience.

For novice builders, click on the READY TO INSTALL PRODUCTS category. In this category, all of the products are pre-assembled and ready to install right out of the box so no electronics experience is required. There is no soldering, no wire cutting, and no assembly required - simply apply a battery and the product lights up. To install these products, you will only need to disassemble your model, drill some holes were you are installing the LEDs or lightbar, run the wires, and reassemble the model.

All of the products in our Ready to Install Product category utilize our "Quick Disconnect System" which allows you to combine several different products and run them as one kit off of one battery. Each product utilizes a tiny plug between the light and the power switch/battery so that you can disconnect it to run the wiring. These plugs also allow you to plug multiple products into one power harness.

If you're looking to create a full lighting kit for your model, here's how it works (an example of a custom kit):

1) Add your flashing lightbar to the shopping cart. (Requires 1 "outlet" unless otherwise specified.)
2) Add your pre-wired lighting kit to the shopping cart. (Requires 1 "outlet" unless otherwise specified.)
3) Add a 4 tone police siren to the shopping cart. (Requires 1 "outlet" unless otherwise specified.)
4) Determine how many "outlets" you need to run all of the items in your kit. With the example above, we need 3 "outlets" so you would add a 3 outlet Power Distribution Harness to your shopping cart. Each "outlet" in this special power harness has its own switch to independantly control the product that is connected to it and everything will run off one single battery.

You can use the search box on the right to find these products quickly using the above key words.

For the more experienced builders, we also offer a wide array of parts and supplies under the DO IT YOURSELF PRODUCTS & KITS category. Everything that we use to build our models can be ordered in this category. In general, we do not include instructions on how to use these parts (other than basic instructions with the kits on how to assemble them). The products found here require soldering and basic knowledge of electronics.


Many of the Ready to Install Lightbars that we offer on this website (including the lightbars installed on Custom Models) are offered in several different versions. The plastic shell, or "style", of the lightbar remains the same but the number of LEDs inside that lightbar or how they flash varies from version to version. The explanation below will compare the differences between each version to help you decide which version is best for you.


The basic version has a limited number of LEDs, usually 4 to 6. It is cool running and can be run for extended periods of time. Despite having less then 6 LEDs, it provides nice light output and the random flashing LEDs create realistic looking flashing effect. Depending on the lense Style, some LEDs may face to the rear or all LEDs will face to the front. Steady burning LEDs are not available in this version.


The Deluxe Version is mostly available in 1/18 scale and will have up to 16 random flashing LEDs in it, normally half of them are facing front and the half of them face the rear. These lightbars provide superior light output but they "run hot". Meaning, due to the number of LEDs and certain combinations of LED colors, the resistors inside of these bars tend to get hot. It is not recommended that you run this lightbar for extended periods of time. A benefit of this version is that you can completely customize the colors to match the real life version of the lightbar you are duplicating for your model. Steady burning LEDs are not available in this version.


This is very similiar to the Deluxe Version, including the number of LEDs (all are random flashing with some optional steady burning LEDs), however with this version we have seperated the LEDs into seperate, independantly operated groups to more accurately simulate a real lightbar. Depending on the lense Style, there will be up to 5 different functions available (some Styles have less available due to space limitations within the lense/lightbar).

This lightbar includes a "bank" of switches - 2 to 5 on/off slide switches mounted in a row. Each switch activates a seperate function of the lightbar. The possible functions are: 1) Flashing LEDs (this activates the LEDs in the front and rear end positions and 4 LEDs on the inside front); 2) Takedown LEDs (this activates 2 LEDs in the front, in either positions 2 & 7, 3 & 6, or 4 & 5 and can be steady burning or flashing LEDs); 3) Traffic Advisor LEDs (this activates the middle 6 LEDs in the rear); 4) Driver's Side Alley LED (this activates a steady burning LED mounted on the driver's side end of the lightbar and faces out); 5) Passenger's Side Alley LED (this activates a steady burning LED mounted on the passenger's side end of the lightbar and faces out).


This lightbar includes up to 16 LEDs depending on the lense Style. It is cool running and can be used for extended periods of time. The lightbar has 12 different realistic, emergency vehicle flash patterns loaded onto it that you can select via the push of a momentary button. When you turn the lightbar off and then back on, it will flash in the pattern that you had running when you turned it off. Our Multi-Pattern Lightbars are very different to the "self-contained" ones that other sellers have. Here's the differences:

First, the flash patterns were specifically designed to duplicate ACTUAL flash patterns found on the real LED and strobe lightbars. We have included patterns that allow LEDs in the "takedown" positions to flash in a strobe effect, a wig-wag alternating effect, or a steady burn mode depending on which pattern you're in. 

Second, this version has two components that make up the lightbar: 1) the actual lightbar and 2) a seperate, external flasher module that powers the lightbar. The flasher module must be mounted inside of your model (or under the display case if you are permanently mounting the model in a case) and the lightbar connects to the flasher module instead of direct power. Although this may seem like a drawback of using this system, there is an advantage, which is explained below.

Third, our system is expandable beyond just the lightbar. With the other sellers' lightbars, they are self-contained and only the lightbar will be multi-patterned. If you want to add LEDs to your model's headlights, taillights, grille, etc., they have to either be random flashing or you would need another circuit board like the lightbar to make them flash in strobe patterns. With our Multi-Pattern Lightbar system, you can ADD ADDITIONAL LEDS to the flasher module! We have two outputs that are dedicated to flash in an alternating strobe effect (perfect for your taillights, grille, reverse, etc.) and two ouputs that are dedicated to flash in an alternating wig-waig effect (perfect your headlights). This is an optional uprade that we offer (to include pre-wired LEDs connected to those outputs) to give you a COMPLETE LIGHTING PACKAGE at a reasonable price. For the Do It Yourself model builders, it is also possible to wire additional LEDs to the 4 multi-pattern outputs on the flasher if you want an interior lightbar or interior LEDs that flash using different patterns.

Multi-Pattern with Lighting Package: (package shown is custom, but shows what is possible with this system)

Traffic Advisor Version/Patterns:


For some of our "classic" lightbar lense Styles, we offer a Simulated Rotator version. This system is similiar to the Multi-Pattern version in that it has two components: 1) the lightbar and 2) an external flasher module that powers the lightbar. The difference however is in the flash patterns and the LEDs inside of the lightbar.

The lightbar will have "LED clusters", which are tiny LEDs pointing in all 4 directions that when combined with certain flash patterns, simulate a rotating effect. The flasher module is loaded with 9 flash patterns, most of which are different rotating speeds from slow/vintage to fast. It also includes strobe patterns for a modern look.

Our system is different from other sellers' who offer a "simulated rotating" lightbar because of the external flasher. Greater customization is possible, including the ability to seperately control the rotators by adding additional external flashers. For example, if you want to be able to run the center rotator seperately from the end rotators and run it at a different speed, this would be possible using our system by adding an extra external flasher!