The videos below represent some of our best and most unique projects and demonstrates what sets us apart from the rest. Everything that you see in these videos is sold on this website, either as finished products, DIY kits, or parts. All of the models below are powered by one or more "Strobe 2.0 or 3.0" flashers/PCBs (which are available to order). These flashers are unique and proprietary to Blue Line Diecast - we dreamed them, designed them, and designed the programming that generates the flashing effects to accurately duplicate real world emergency vehicle lighting. Not only are they the most realistic products in the hobby, they are also the most versatile and customizable flasher products! The variety of programs we offer, each with a variety of flash patterns, combined with the 4-8 outputs on the flasher allow a near endless possibility of configurations and combinations to duplicate ANY lighting system.

PLEASE NOTE: The models shown below are not available for sale however we can build another similar to what is shown in the video.