About Us

Ahh, where to start...

    First, this company is a small division of the parent company Bushkill Cards and Games. In fact, it is a very small division, only one person is currently responsible for the development, design, and manufacture of ALL products that you see on this website - which is me! Additionally, this I work full time as a police officer, so this is NOT a full time business enterprise. In fact, it was started as a hobby but my designs were so unique and popular that people began offering me money to build things for them - so thus, this division was born!

    Bushkill Cards and Games has been in business (operating under Epsilon Industries Incorporated) since 1994 - over 15 years - and primarily deals in retail of trading cards and customizable card games. I really had not intended to get into the models business back in 2008 (which is when I opened this division), but I felt I could provide a very unique and highly sought after service. Demand for my products has been steadily growing since 2008.

    My main claim to fame is my simulated rotator products. You've seen others selling something similar, but my products were the originals and I have been steadily improving them over the last year or so. While I cannot take credit for the original invention of the "simulated rotator" premise, I was the first to figure out how to duplicate it make it available for sale.

    Another thing you will notice about my products is that they are all designed with an eye to realism. My competitors have some interesting products (and some of them quite original), but their flashing lightbars really do not compare to mine. I personally designed all of the flash patterns featured by my GEN II lightbars and they were all designed to simulate ACTUAL flash patterns used on real life emergency vehicles. Their flash patterns look like something you'd find on a toy.

    All of my products have been designed to be usable by anyone - even those with little to no experience building custom models. With our exclusive quick disconnect plug system (offered as an option on all lightbars), you can install the lightbar without any tools (other then a screw driver and a drill)! There's no wire cutting or splicing, no soldering, and no heat shrinking involved. Its as simple as pluging in a TV!

    So if you want the most realistic model possible, you've come to the right place! We offer many different products, with different options and prices ranges to suit just about anyone.