1/18 Lightbar PCB LB-1R (Random Flashing) (LB Styles 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 17, and 20)

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Price: $4.00
Product ID : P-M-LB1R



PCB only, does not include any LEDs, resistors, or wire. This is the same PCB used for our GEN I random flashing lightbars. It is NOT a multi-pattern board, it will only drive random flashing or steady burning LEDs.

This board specifically fits the following lightbar lense types:

#2: Welly Liberty (Requires some trimming)
#6: Motormax MX7000 (Requires some trimming)
#7: X2100
#8: Motormax LP6000 (top half of MX7000)
#9: Motormax Javelin (lower half of MX7000)
#14/15: Front or Rear Interior Lightbar
#17: Arjent
#20: Valor (Requires some trimming)

This board can be used with all other lightbar lenses as well however it will be short in length.

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