Ordering a custom designed model is a MULTI-STEP process. In order to properly order the model, please follow these steps:

1) Select the BASE MODEL for your custom diecast by clicking on it. We have broken down the base models into two seperate categories by scale: 1/18 and 1/24. This page is currently displaying both 1/18 and 1/24 scale base models, but you can click on either 1/18 Scale or 1/24 Scale below these instructions to ONLY display your desired scale. 

2) Adjust the various options on the Base Model page to customize your base model before you add it to the shopping cart. Certain options will increase the final price of the base model. Be sure to enter clear and detailed instructions on what colors you want for your LED lighting (lightbar, grille, etc).

3) If you want DECALS on your model, you must select the APPLY DECALS option on the Base Model you select. You must then add your desired decals to your shopping cart seperately by clicking on the Decals category. Be sure you select the same scale decals as the scale of the base model you picked and be aware that if you select "PTO" (Print to Order) decals, shipment of your model will be delayed by 2-4 months.

4) You can also further customize your model by adding accessories/parts to your shopping cart. This includes accessories such as a light up spot light, light up computer, push bumper, or any other parts found on this website in the Ready to Install Accessories categories (again, be sure to select only accessories and lightbars of the same scale as the scale of the base model you picked) or the Model Parts category (be sure to select the correct scale). Please be sure to make a note when you order the Base Model that you want these parts installed into your model.

5) Review your order before you submit it. Your model will be built EXACTLY as specified in the order and we are not responsible for any errors that you make. This includes selecting decals that are not meant for a black and white or dark colored model. Any incorrect scale items will be replaced by the closest matching item of the correct scale of the base model.

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