9V Power Distribution Harness (1/18 or 1/24 Scale) for Lightbars & Accessories

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If you are looking to install multiple "Ready to Install" products into your model, this 9V Power Distribution Harness will allow you to connect up to 12 lightbars and accessories and run them off of one single battery! This version is wired with a 9V BATTERY SNAP and is suitable for use with both 1/18 and 1/24 products.

All of our "Ready to Install" products in 1/18 and 1/24 scale include our Quick Disconnect System (a female plug comes from the lightbar/accessory). This Power Distribution Harness is the battery side of that Quick Disconnect System but with multiple male plugs, each on a seperate on on/off switch.

The Power Distribution Harness is only available with a 9V battery snap in order to provide the proper voltage for all of the accessories being run.

Each "output" is a seperate male plug with an on/off switch. Each Basic, Deluxe, Multi-Pattern, and Simulated Rotator lightbar and all accessories use ONE output. So for example, if you wanted to run a Deluxe lightbar and a Light Up Spot Light on one 9V battery, you would select TWO OUTPUTS above.

The Multi-Function lightbars use one output per FUNCTION as listed in the description for that lightbar. As an example, a lightbar that has Warning LEDs, Rear Traffic Advisor LEDs, and Takedowns would require THREE OUTPUTS. So for example, if you wanted to run the aforementioned Multi-Function lightbar along with a Light Up Spot Light on one 9V battery, you should select FOUR OUTPUTS above.


This option is to choose whether or not each output is protected with a resistor. If you are plugging any of our 1/24 scale products into this harness, you MUST select this option or the products you plug in may receive too much current and blow out. Our 1/18 products (which are designed to run on 9v) do not require this option and already have the proper resistors wired into the male plug side of the wiring. SIRENS: If you intend to connect a siren to one of the outputs, you must select the "Yes with One Siren Output" option. When this option is selected, we will leave the resistor off of one output which will be dedicated specifically for the siren (the output will be marked with white paint). Please note that running a siren with less than 9v can damage it.

* Image shown is the 5 output version for 9V.

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