1/18 Scale Multi-Pattern Federal Signal Valor Lightbar w/ Rear Traffic Advisor

1/18 Scale Multi-Pattern Federal Signal Valor Lightbar w/ Rear Traffic Advisor
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Features a total of 22 LEDs with 10 facing forward, 2 facing to the sides, and 8 facing the rear. Each group of LEDs is independantly controlled from each other group; they are grouped as follows: 8 flashing LEDs, 4 steady burning LEDs (2 front Takedowns and 2 side Alleys), and 8 rear flashing LEDs. The colors for the LEDs are fully customizable.

The default color scheme for the lightbar is as follows (from driver's side to passenger's side): R-W-R-R-R-B-B-B-W-B for the front (the position of the W LED is the steady position), W-W for the side alleys, and R-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-B for the rear. If you want custom colors, please enter them in the text box below in the format above.

The default wiring set up for the lightbar is "Loose Wires", which means that a 9V battery snap, on/off slide switch, and two momentary push buttons will be included but NOT WIRED to the lightbar. You will need to attach these items after running the wires through your model.

If you select the "Quick Disconnect System" option, your lightbar will come completely pre-wired and there will be plugs on the on/off switch and momentary buttons so that you can unplug them, run the wiring in your model, and re-plug them in without having to cut any wires or do any soldering. NOTE: If you are ordering a Power Distribution Harness to connect other accessories, this lightbar requires FOUR outputs of that harness, so be sure to order the correct number of outputs.

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