1/18 Scale Interior Dash/Deck Style Flashing Lights DUAL HOUSING

1/18 Scale Interior Dash/Deck Style Flashing Lights DUAL HOUSING
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Price: $9.99
Product ID : 1-18-deck-dual


Multi-Pattern Direct Wire (+$35.00)
Multi-Pattern with Quick Disconnects (+$45.00)
Multi-Pattern Direct Wire w/ Lighting Kit (+$45.00)
Multi-Pattern w/ Quick Disconnects and w/ Lighting Kit (+$55.00)


Designed to be installed in the inside of any 1/18 scale model, either on the front dash or the rear deck. The wiring (total length from lights to on/off switch is approx. 10") includes an on/off slide switch and a 9V battery snap to power the lights (9V battery not included). The lights are wired up and ready to install out of the package! The default color schemes are listed below for each version, however the lights are available in any color schemes you want.

This style interior light is offered in 3 versions and 4 configurations:

The configurations available are:

- Single Light Housing (10mm x 9mm x 5mm)
- Pair of Single Light Housings (each are 10mm x 9mm x 5mm)
- Single Dual Light Housing (19mm x 9mm x 5mm)
- Pair of Dual Light Housings (each are 19mm x 9mm x 5mm)
- Triple Light Housing (29mm x 9mm x5mm)

The versions available are:

Basic - Random flashing LEDs.

Dual Version:

Multi-Pattern Upgrade - Includes 12 different realistic police flash patterns that you can select via the push of a button. This version utilizes an external Strobe 3.0 flasher module (60mm x 25mm x 8mm) to power the LEDs.

Multi-Pattern Upgrade w/ Lighting Kit - This version includes the same set up as the "Multi-Pattern Upgrade" with the addition of 6 pre-wired LEDs (each with approx. 10" of wire) attached to the Strobe 3.0 flasher. When the lights are activated, two of the pre-wired LEDs will alternate in a wig-wag pattern (suggested use is in the headlights of the model; LEDs are white by default) and four pre-wired LEDs will flash in a strobe pattern (suggested use is in the taillights, reverse lights, or grille of the model; three LEDs are red and one LED is blue by default).

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